In a world where everybody is busy all the time, most people have lost touch with their humanity. Book in Transit is a simple way to help people get closer to each other, and connect through this act of giving.

"Book in Transit" will give you the opportunity to make a difference and build your legacy; it will allow everyone to leave a mark in people's lives. In this fast paced world, we often forget the impact of a random act of kindness, and BIT is a simple way that allows everyone to contribute to their societies and put a smile on someone's face.

We are all part of a global community seeking to be better students of life. Sign up today and start your book journeys.

Don't you want to put a smile on someone's face? Make a difference in someone's life? You doubt that you can do something about it?

Well you can... Just give a book about it!

BIT 101

This is a small guide for members on Book In Transit (BIT) to get familiar with terminologies found on our website:


Let's get started!


When you finish reading a book and wish to place it in transit for other readers on BIT, you start a journey for this book. By placing the book in transit, the book belongs to the world to be passed on for as many readers as possible, to keep the journey going.

Create a Journey

Creating a journey refers to putting a book you have in transit. This process only happens once for each journey; meaning when a user places a book in transit and passes it on to a new reader through BIT, the latter doesn't create a journey for this book since they're at the receiving end.

The steps for creating a journey are straightforward:

  1. Choose your book

    Say you just finished reading a book, and you'd like to give it to fellow readers on BIT (put it in transit), the first step would be to look this book up on our website. You may purchase a different copy of the book if you'd like to keep yours in your library. The point is, just make sure you have the book.

    What if I can't find my book listed on the site?

    We're constantly feeding our database with books. If yours is missing from our list, you will be given an option to suggest adding it by filling out an electronic form. You can check the website again within 24-48 hours to find the suggested book.

  2. Place a BIT sticker

    Placing a BIT sticker on the book is an important step of the process. It tells readers on this journey that a book is in transit through BIT, as well as from which continent of the globe its journey was created. Only journey creators are to place a sticker on their book. Members who receive a book from another reader's journey don't need to add a sticker when passing the book on to another member.

    Below are our official stickers:

    Which sticker do I need to place on my book?

    The website will automatically tell you which sticker you need based on your current country of residence that you initially provided on your user profile.

    How can I get the sticker?

    Currently, you have three options to get our stickers:

    • Get them from our BIT venues in your country if available

      We're currently collaborating with some venues around the globe to distribute our stickers. We are also continuously adding more venues to our network. The website will give you an option to locate the nearest venue hosting them in your country, if available.

    • Request stickers

      If there are no BIT venues in your country, you may request stickers from us by filling out an electronic form with your mailbox address and we'd be happy to mail them to you.

    • Print stickers

      You may also print out a colored copy of the sticker yourself. The website will provide you with the master PDF document for your country's sticker to download and print. Please make sure you print it out in its official color and that it's clear enough before placing it on your book.

  3. Write a Personal Note

    When you're setting your book off on its journey, you'd probably like to leave a message to all its readers after you. You may take a moment and add a few nice words on the inlay cover of your book.

  4. Put your Book in Transit

    Finally, declare the book in transit on our service, where it will be visible to all members around the world. By now, your journey will officially start, and your book is waiting to be in the hands of another reader.

BIT Stop

You as a reader are on a BIT Stop whenever you're still reading a book that was put in transit on our website. This can happen under two scenarios:

  • You just created a journey for a book

    The moment you create a journey on Book in Transit, you will immediately be declared the current holder of this book and therefore you will be the one at a BIT stop for this journey.

  • You just approved to read a book that had been with a fellow reader

    The moment you approve an invitation to grab a book from a member on Book in Transit, the website will declare you the current reader of the book, and you'll be at a BIT stop for this book's journey until you finish reading it and pass it to another BIT member.

Other Journeys

Those are journeys for books that were created by BIT members other than yourself but were handed to you at some point. You can become part of someone else's journey when you approve an invitation to read a book that had been with another reader.

By approving to read the book, you not only become at a BIT stop for this journey, but you also immediately join all readers that already read this book.

After joining the journey, you may give the book to a different member on BIT and still be able to view and track that journey since you helped keeping it going.

Invitations To Read

These are invitations from fellow members to be the next reader of a certain book. You can accept or decline invitations to read.

When you're at a BIT Stop and just finished reading a book (whether yours for a journey you just created, or one that was passed on to you), you will need to give this book to a different reader on Book in Transit.

This invitation is initiated whenever you decide to give the book to a member on our service. By inviting them to read the book, they will receive an invitation with your intention to give the book to them.

What happens when a user approves an invitation initiated by me?

In this case, the user is basically telling you that they'd love to read the book and keep the legacy of this journey going. Our system will declare that user as the current reader of this book and you will be notified to make sure it's delivered to them. This can be achieved by either of the following options:

  • Give the book in person

    if you personally know the user you had initially invited to read the book, and you meet quite often, you are requested to hand the book to them in person.

  • Drop the book off at a BIT venue

    Our system will give you all possible venues (if available) where you could leave the book for the invitee depending on their country of residence.

  • Deliver the book to the user's mailbox

    If the user lives far from you, you can send them the book by mail. The system will recognize if the user had already provided their mailbox address and will display it to you.

Whichever option you choose, you will need to inform the person that you took the step to deliver the book. Currently, we will leave you the e-mail address of the invitee to do so or arrange between each other for other alternatives to deliver the book.

Book Requests

Members are allowed to track books by journeys on BIT. This means that whenever you're at a BIT stop (reading a book), users may send you a request for that book. You may be receiving requests for books you're currently reading from users all around the world. It is also possible that more than one user would request the same book.

What shall I do when I receive a request for a book I'm reading?

  • Send an invitation to the requester to read the book
  • Ignore the request completely and invite someone else to read this book

Whenever you invite a member to become the holder of a book and they send their approval, all requests for this book will be automatically cancelled as you no longer will be the official holder of that book.

Claim Book

As some people would like to get their books back, the owner of the book can claim it at any point of time from the current reader. We encourage members to keep their books moving rather than claiming them back.

We do not guarantee that the book will be returned to the owner as this should be arranged between members on BIT.

Find Book

Searching for books on BIT allows you to do one of the following:

  • Discuss Book

    Currently on Book In Transit, you as a user can start or join a discussion for any book that is listed on our website. This allows you to find out what people say about any book from all the members around the world.

  • Create a Journey

    Find the book you have in your hands which you wish to put in transit.

  • Find Journeys

    You can track journeys for any listed book for the sake of knowing where it travelled or requesting it from its current reader.